Tomato Paste

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Tomato Paste

Iranian tomato paste is recognized in the world market with highly unique flavored with deep red coloring which is distinguished as premium grade in world market. Such quality is mainly is derived from high sun shines, soils and Persian diversified climates in each individual province from south to north and east to west which all round year is cultivated with no stops even in winter season.
Local processing factories are also very equipped and majority of machineries are obtained and installed by European in accordance to European standards and quality issues.
There are various type of packing in Cans, Jars and Aseptically filled drums available.
Omid Nikan is capable of supplying of any type of packing to the world market.

Aseptic bag inside steel Drum / 4 drums in a wooden pallet
Each Drum
235 kgs
Each 20' fcl Cont.
80 Drums
N.W. of Each 20' fcl Cont.
19 Mt+3%
New Crop
Shelf life in normal storage:
18 Month

Canned Tomato Paste Specification

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