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Olive oil

In recent years Iranian consumption of olive oi is increasing and local olive oil availability is not sufficient enough to supply the demand volume.
We, "Omid Nikan" having analytical and organoleptic knowledge and experience of Iranian standards and favorite tastes are importing premium quality of Filtered Extra Virgin & Virgin Olive oil in bulk packing from Spain as the world's main source of olive oil.
Desired quality in EXVOO is:
Acidity range: 0.3, 0.4, 0.5 and 0.6 %
Peroxide: lower than 8 or 9

Desired quality in VOO is:
Acidity between: 0.7 – < 1
Peroxide Value: below 11
Oleic Acid: higher than 75
Packing: Steel drums of 200 kg each as net weight ,depending on case we might require in Flexi Tank or IBC Totes.
In both EXVOO and VOO deficit and failure of taste and Odor must be 0. Means the oil supplied to be FRESH and FRUITY. In Fruitiness the value of feeling fruitiness will be More than 1 considering 0-5 evaluation per IOOC.

Table Olive

Olive in general and Green olives in particular is highly consumed in Iranian meals as pickles, in salads, fast foods, or kitchen purpose.
In recent years due to highly promotion of public health caring institutes and enhancement of peoples knowledge about the benefits of olive, peoples trend of consumption is increasing sharply and from the other side local cultivation is not sufficient in volume and most varieties are in small and medium grades with none fruity taste which leaves a gap at the market for jumbo fruity olives being imported from Spain and Greece.
Omid Nikan is having strong business relations with Spanish and Greek suppliers to import premium grades of table Green olives for domestic Iranian markets.
The Most suitable size required at our market:
(70-90) P/kg
150 kg drum (drained)

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