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Iran (Persia) is called motherland of pomegranate in the world. There are hundreds of variety of fresh pomegranate with local names all around the great land of Iran which are distinguished on colors of peels (Red, Pink, Golden, black), kernels (Red, Pink, white (, and juices ratio, taste( sourness and swiftness ratio), hardness of seeds, size of fruit, softness of peels (some like leather and some thin).

Export markets have different requirements due to their market demands, however the main factors which we have learned to care and be precise on our supplied products to reach our clients quality standards are following;

A- Outside appearance of fruit to be attractive with no scars or sunburns.
B- Color of outside and inside to be fully Red.
C- The Crown of fruit to be fully cleaned.
D- No decays or insects be found on the fruits.
E- Sorting and sizing uniformity on each carton in accordance with orders received from buyer side.
F- Packing to be in a manner to protect fruit from any injury and damage.
G- Seeds of fruit to be soft.
H- Fruits to be juicy, with a minimum %50 of the weight of fruit.

Omid Nikan with experience of around 20 years has achieved enough knowledge to control all above aspects needed to supply fruits to overseas market .This is the power of this company that distinguishes us among tens of other company claiming to be exports of pomegranate. We focus on arrival dates quality rather than departure dates as the fruit in many times needs to be kept in containers for about 30- 40 days to be arrived at destination market and there is the place we will be judged for quality of our supplied fruits. You can try us and we have enough confidence to say Don't Worry about quality when dealing with us.

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