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Fresh cut flower market demand in Iran with over 80 million population is surly a valuable objective for those who wish to take a share on it.
In such a great market extending the life of cut flowers from few days to about 10-15 days will certainly face with high enthusiasm.
Keep –flower is brand name of a japan made food for cut flower Which is popular brand in japan local market and offering two type of foods one used particular for Rose flower and another used for the rest of other flowers in general.
Omid Nikan is happy to announce that is representing the sale and distribution of keep-flower products in Iran. We are currently offering two types of 10 ml mini pack for small Bouquet and 200 ml bottle for households or flower shop usage.

Thank you for being interested in our products.

We produce and sell the cut flower preservatives in Japan. The brand name is ""KEEP FLOWER"." Our products are designed to extend flower life and make cut flowers more beautiful. ""KEEP FLOWER"" is used in Japan in cut flower production areas, by florists, and at home in Japan.
Our customers are highly satisfied with our products.
We are confident that the people in your country will also be satisfied with the effects of the high quality "KEEP FLOWER" developed in Japan, where the culture of enjoying cut flowers has been prevalent for a long time.

Flower Growing Activities for children

We also engage in volunteer activities for the purpose of giving children a chance to familiarize themselves with flowers.


KEEP FLOWER is a preservative for cut flowers widely used by florists and families nationwide since its launch in the 1970s.

Enhances the beauty of cut flowers and prolongs flower life.

Only humankind has a sense of beauty. We love what is beautiful and wish to preserve it. Induced by our natural inclination to love beautiful flowers, we have developed "KEEP FLOWER." It helps flowers produce fresh blooms after being cut and prolongs their beauty.
When cut and arranged in a vase, flowering plants require cut flower foods, just as potted flowers or foliage plants require fertilizers.
Everybody wants to prolong the fresh beauty of cut flowers in a vase on the table. KEEP FLOWER will always suit your needs.
KEEP FLOWER can prolong flower life as follows.
KEEP FLOWER can prolong flower life as follows.

Retail Product (1:50 dilution)

The most recognized brand of retail products in Japan!

● Bottle-size200ml

LBottle size for household use
Bestseller in Japan
We recommend selling this product
nearby cash registers.

● Mini-Pack3ml

Suitable for flowers arranged in a glass or small vase.
Use one pack per 150 ml of water.
This is the smallest size in Japan.

● Mini-Pack 6 ml

Optimal size for a small bouquet.
This pack is so lightweight that you can attach it to the sleeve of a bouquet.
For 300 ml of water

● Mini-Pack 10 ml

This is the most popular mini-pack size in Japan.
For 500 ml of water

● Mini-Pack 10 ml: exclusively for roses

Significantly prolongs the life of cut roses
Significantly improves the tension of petals and leaves
Keeps vase water clear for long periods of time
For 500 ml of water

Basic Type for Florists (1:50 dilution)

Provides the necessary nutrition for cut flowers
in bloom and prevents water in the vase from rotting.

● 18L、10L、5L

A basic type available for all scenarios including
arranging flowers, creating a flower arrangement ,
and water uptake. It is a great supplement and is also
effective in producing early blooms from cut flowers.
[Use form] A tap and measuring cup, which are convenient
when using small amounts of the solution,are supplied.
[Environment]No poisonous gas is produced when the inner
container is burned.
Eco-friendly containers are used.supplied.

Convenient for carrying around ! User-friendly size, especially for women!

● 2L

A convenient carry-handle is attached.
It can also be sold as a valuable retail product.

EX Professional for Florists (1:100 dilution)

Only for the treatment of large quantities of cut flowers and for shop storage.

● EX18L、10L

Prevents the growth of bacteria and inhibits unnecessary flowering in a shop A professional type: 100 times dilution rate specialized for shop storage.   [Use form] A tap and measuring cup, which are convenient when using small amounts of the solution, are supplied. [Environment]No poisonous gas is produced when the inner container is burned. Eco-friendly containers are used.supplied.

STS Solution for Producer PT Carnation (1:100 dilution)

STS (silver thiosulfate) prevents falling flowers and fading
petals or wilting due to the effect of ethylene gas on
flowers including carnations. STS thus prolongs flower life.

● PT Carnation 20 l and 5 l

Prevents damage to highly ethylene-sensitive cut flowers
including sweet peas, delphiniums, snapdragons,
and carnations.

STS Supplement for producer STS PLUS (1:100 dilution)

Only for the treatment of large quantities of cut flowers and for shop storage.

● STS PLUS 20 l and 5 l

The STS dilution can be used repeatedly even during the high-tem- perature summer season. In comparison to solutions that need to be discarded after each STS process, this STS solution can be used twice in succession, thus reducing costs even when the cost of STS PLUS is added. Reduces the work load of solution exchange Suppresses bacteria growth and thus improves freshness

◆ The frequency of use of the STS PLUS solution varies according to the environment. Thus, a preliminary test must be conducted beforehand.

Rose Solution for Producer KEEP BARA (1:500 dilution)

◆ For water uptake after cutting flowers. Inhibits bacteria in vase water.

● BARA 20 l and 5 l

New type of treatment agent for use by producers and during transportation.
KEEP BARA prevents the growth of bacteria, which eliminates
bent necks and wilting leaves.
Even if many flowers are treated, it can prevent the growth of bacteria in vase water.

BACTERIA BLOCK for transportation BB (1:500 dilution)

◆ Inhibits bacteria in vase water . For all cut flowers except cut roses

● BB 20 l and 5 l

BB was formulated to keep the water for wet-process transportation clean. It is superior in reducing bacterial growth and enables minimal freshness management even in shops where no freshness retaining agent is used. It contains no sugar for the nutrition of cut flowers. For freshness management requiring nutritional support, Basic Type

◆ BB is a highly concentrated yet extremely safe product with a low occurrence of skin irritation.

● Hydration Solution Professional HIGH SPEED 2 l

Helps cut flowers take up water immediately.
Simplifies daily work.
Improves water uptake of cut flowers that have dried out.
Prevents water levels from decreasing, so you need not worry about sold flowers.
Sterilizes the cut end, which prolongs flower life

Information on Safety and Quality

・ Skin irritation is reduced by using a unique method to combine several preservatives in low concentrations.
・ Various safety studies were conducted, including a study on primary skin irritation.

・ KEEP FLOWER is completely in-house manufactured in Japan.
・ Our product has passed ISO9001 and is subject to severe quality control.
・ Our product has passed ISO14001 and is environment friendly.
・ From a consumer perspective, we provide detailed statements with regard to precautions for use and danger warnings.

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