Sweet corn

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Sweet corn

Sweet corn consumptions in recent years have been highly growing in Iran local food market .This variety of corn is not so much cultivated by local farmers and the variety being grown are not so suitable to the taste of consumers and packers using it as cup-corn, or at food industries packing it in Cans or in frozen packs.
Sweet corns in Iran are mostly imported from Asian sources and each origin has its own characteristic of sizing, tender, sweetness and flavor.
Omid Nikan Co. is exclusive agent of highly equipped Indian company that has achieved all requirements of Health and Hygienic standards with relevant certificates applied by Iranian Health ministry.

General Specification of Our available Finished Frozen Sweet Corns Kernels:
Sweetness: (Brix 10- 12)
Color: Golden Yellow

Free from any foreign material (insect damages, discoloration, shriveling, off flavor, severe damage, fiber, black spots, extract etc.)
Product Composition: 100% Sweet Corn
Size: Uniform size (10 mm to 12 mm),
Width: 6mm to 10 mm
Length: 10 mm to 14 mm
Under Size: 5%
Over Size: 5%
Broken Percentage: Max 5%

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